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  1. são horriveis!! Só o meu marido se habilitou a experimentar um, por cortesia, e cuspiu no primeiro cuspidor que encontro melhores são os grãozinhos de cardamomo pra mastigar…

  2. Nao sei se eu comeria isso ai!!! Eles usam muito folhas de Fumo ou Tabaco e ficam mastigando… Me lembrei dos jogadores de Baseball americano que ficam mascando fumo e depois cospem,,,,

  3. Paan is an ethnic Indian chew usually served at the end of an Indian meal and ceremonies such as weddings, receptions. Paan can be bought in nearly every street corner in India. They are believed to help in digestion of curried foods and also act as mouth fresheners.

    When Paan is chewed, a red food dye inside it makes our mouth red. Many people do not swallow much of Paan, thus resulting in pool of red liquid (due to red dye and saliva) which they spited out (the red liquid) rather than swallowing it.

    A simple Paan can be prepared in following way.

    Betel leaf is washed carefully and then dried with cloth.
    Mix spices such as cardamom, anise and katha with choona (lime paste), grated coconut, different kinds of supari (betel nuts) and small piece of various candies.
    Add the mixture on the betel leaf.
    Fold the leaf into a triangular shape and secure it by piercing a piece of cloves into it.
    You can keep Paan fresh on ice with rose petals.

    Also spelled as Pan.

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