Os monges em aula

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    • Monks of the four schools of Tibetan Buddhism wear somewhat different robes, but the dominant colors are maroon, yellow, and sometimes red, with blue piping on the sleeves of the dhonka.

      Red and maroon came to be traditional monk robe colors in Tibet mostly because it was the most common and cheapest dye at one time. The color yellow has several symbolic meanings. It can represent wealth, but it also represents earth, and by extension, a foundation.

      The sleeves of the dhonka represent a lion’s mane. There are a number of stories explaining the blue piping, but the most common story is that it commemorates a connection to China.

      The zhen, the maroon “everyday” shawl, often is draped to leave the right arm

      http://buddhism.about.com/od/thefirstbuddhists/ig/The-Buddha-s-Robe/Tibetan-Zhen.htmbare in the style of a kashaya robe.

  1. esqueci de deixar um ༄༜࿂༴࿉desenhinho tibetano࿉མ࿂༜༄ que aprendi a fazer com um ༼ུ”monge on-line”ུ༽

    mande muita ། PོAོZོ །para nos, aqui no Rio, Cora

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